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The 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed in 1869 and finally ratified on February 3, 1870. This was the date the African American men were officially granted the right to vote.

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African American men who were free and not slave could vote as early as 1776 in certain states. It was 1965 that is considered when there was equality for the African American male to vote.

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Q: What year did Black Men Get to vote?
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When did black men start to vote?

Black men began voting in elections in around 1870.

When did black people get the right to vote in Canada?

Black men were given the right to vote in the nation of Canada in 1837. Black women did not get the full right to vote until 1960.

What year did men have the right to vote?

"White men" always did...

Who was denied the right to vote in colonies?

Black men and women.

Who has the right to vote in Madagascar?

only 18 year old men can vote

What did the right to vote encourage southern black men to do?

unfotunately, nothing :(

When did middle class men get to vote?

Men have always had the right to vote. In the early colonies the requirements were that they own land in the colony, but after the Constitution was signed this was dropped and men (expect black men) could vote.

In what year were all men given the right to vote?


Why were black men able to vote?

Because they were either given or took that right.

How did black men get to vote?

through the civil war and other big movements

Who had the right to vote first black men or?

The 15th amendment in 1870 gave black men the right to vote first. Women got the right to vote in 1919, a half century later. Even though former female, white abolitionists had organized and fought diligently alongside black male and black female abolitionists, several famous black male abolitionists abandoned the suffragettes in order to achieve their vote first. This caused a falling out between the two groups. Ultimately, black women, white women, and all women including those who had fought for abolition all had to wait a half century before getting the right to vote. Many black and white female abolitionists died before any woman was given the right to vote which was a disappointment to them for the rest of their lives. Similarly, black men held office for the first time right after the Civil War while women of all ethnicities' political opportunities, right to have property, and rights to divorce took decades longer to achieve than that of black men. The 14th and 15th amendments deliberately included language that would keep women of any ethnicity from enhanced rights.

Who go the right vote first?

When the United States became an independent nation, white men (many of whom were property owners) were the first to be allowed to vote. Women and ethnic minorities (such as black people) were not allowed to vote in those early decades of US history. Black men got the right to vote after the civil war, and women (both black and white women) got the right to vote in 1920. Citizens between the ages of 18 and 21 got the right to vote in 1971.