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Vermont-1791, Kentucky 1792, and Tennessee 1796

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Q: What year did George Washington add Vermont Kentucky and Tennesse?
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Where did the us expand during George Washington's presidency?

Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee were added to the union while Washington was President. There was no territorial expansion.

What were the states George Washington admitted during his first term?

Vermont (1791), Kentucky (1792) and Tennessee (1796)

What states were there when George Washington was president?

The original 13, and later during his term, 3 were added (Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee)

What was the first town named after George Washington?


Who was Vermont's president in 1791?

George Washington became the President in Vermont when Vermont joined the union on 1791 March 4. Before this, Vermont's governor was Thomas Chittenden.

What president came to Kentucky?

it wass presedint George Washington

Was George Washington or Abraham Lincoln was born in massachusett?

Neither! Washington in Virginia and Lincoln in Kentucky

Was the navy established in Vermont?

the navy was established by George Washington in 1774 in New York

How many people visit mountain Vermont where george washintgon was buried each year?

George Washington is buried at Mt. Vernon not Vermont. Over a million people visit this area annually.

Who was the first person to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken?

George Washington carver

What presidents were born and important to Kentucky history?

i dont know....maybe george washington......

Why were the 5 states added while George Washington president?

vermont florida louisiana indiana michigan