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Johnny Williams, Stefano Oliveri,Trish Whitson, Mike Whitson, Beatrice Famuia,Shannon Boyle and Annika Anderson

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Q: What year did ballroom come first out?
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Which started first 'dancing with the stars' or 'strictly ballroom'?

Strictly Come Dancing.

What year did ballroom dancing start?

Ballroom dancing started in the 1500s

When was ballroom popular?

Ballroom was first popular in (i don't know)

Brief history of Ballroom dancing in the Philippines?

the year when ballroom dancing started or popularized in the Philippines

What year did ballroom start?

in 1,000,000,000,000 B.C

What was the first ballroom dance?


When was the first ballroom dance?

Ballroom dancing started in the late sixteenth century in Galliard, Insiena, Italy.

What year did Krokus remake ballroom blitz?


What do you do after you come in the SOS island boat in poptropica?

you go to the ballroom and save the person take the shiny bottle and lonch it to the first window then the other

Does the ballroom dance the foxtrot come from what place?

it comes from america

What kind of activities demonstrate poise and confidence?

Poise and confidence are demonstrated in various ways, the first to come to mind is dancing, specifically ballroom dancing.

What year did the jetland ballroom limerick Ireland close?