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1966 across the US - other states i.e. California had the law in effect much earlier I believe.

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July 1st, 1986

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Q: What year did the government mandate that automakers install seatbelts?
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how did the mandate of heaven affect government in china

Does a government have a 'mandate to govern'?

A representative form of government derives its mandate to govern from the consent of the people to be governed. The governed peopel can withdraw, recall, or change their mandate by means of regularly scheduled elections but if/when the government refuses to obey the mandate of the elctorate it is possible that revolution or civil war could occur when the people attempt to remove the no-longer-legitimate government by force.

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Ancient China's Government was a Monarchy.

What is funded mandate?

When a higher level of the U.S. government (i.e. the federal government) tells lower branches of the government (i.e. state governments) to do something, that's a mandate. If the federal government give the states money to help them do whatever they want them to do, that's a funded mandate. If they don't, if they just expect the states to do it on their own, that's an unfunded mandate. So when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, the federal government told the state governments they had to make all their office buildings handicap-accessible. They did give the states some money for the construction (although some say not enough), so that was a funded mandate.

Have you heard about the government putting gps vehicle tracking systems in all cars and trucks in the year 2012?

Yes, I have heard such rumors. However, it is very unlikely that the government would mandate such a thing. If anything, car manufacturers themselves will begin to install GPS devices in all cars.

What is a federal law requiring a lower government to meet an obligation?

A federal mandate

A federal law requiring a lower government to meet an obligation is called a?

When a federal law requires a lower government to meet a particular obligation, this is referred to as a federal mandate. The Americans with Disabilities Act is an example of a federal mandate.

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It gave legitimacy to the form of government being established

Should your government mandate the use of materials that biodegrade once their useful life is over?

Yes. My government should mandate the use of materials that biodegrade once their useful life is over. Whether anyone will note, remember, or heed what the government mandates is another issue entirely.

Is click it or ticket a federal mandate?

Kinda, but not really. The federal government does not have the power to mandate states to adopt setbelt laws. However the federal government does seem to have the power to threaten cutting off federal transportation money to states which refuse to.

What is the difference between mandates and conditions of aid?

with a mandate the federal government tells a state government what it must do if it wants grant money.