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Q: What year was Carnegie Steel Company formed?
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What year did Andrew Carnegie invent the steel?

So he can have a steel boner

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MG Rover was founded in the year 2000. It was formed when BMW sold various assets of their company Rover Group to a company called the Phoenix consortium.

When did Andrew Carnegie invent the process?

what year did andrew carnegie start inventing

What year did Andrew Carnegie die?

Andrew Carnegie was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetary in Tarytown, New York The question is where was he BORN? Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland.

What would Andrew Carnegie's resume say?

At first Canegie worked as a telegraph messenger. Within a year he was promoted to an operator. Starting in 1853 he was employed as a secertary at Pennslavania Railroad company. When he was 18 he got promoted to be in charge of a railroad divison. After that was the civil war. Carnegie was appointed as Superintendant of millatary rail roads. After the war Carnegie devoted all his time to the ironworks industry and formed KeyStone bridge works.

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