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The 1st President of the United States was George Washington from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797

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Q: What year was George Washington's last year for president?
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What was George W Bush's last year as a president?

2008 was President Bush's last year. That same year is when Barrack Obama was elected to office.

What is George Washingtons year of birth?

Washington was born in 1732.

Who Was George Washingtons Post Master General?

it was Gernal Samuel Osgood in the year 1789.

What happened to George Washingtons candle?

George Washingtons kids gave it to Andrew Jackson. It is a the hermitage so everyone can see it. It looks like a cigar but it is a brown old candle. George Washington lit it every year to celebrate America being free.

Who was last president elected in the 20th century?

The last American President of the 20th century was Bill Clinton. The next President was George W. Bush, elected in the year 2000 at the start of the 21st century.

George wahington was inaugurated as the first president in April of what year?

George Washington was inaugurated as president in 1789!

Who was the president last year?

As I write this answer in November 2012, the president last year was Barack Obama. He has just won a second term as president, so he will be president next year too.

What year was George Washington a vice president?

He was NEVER a vice president.

George Washington was elected President in what year?

He was elected president in 1789.

Who was president of the US the year of 2008?

George W. Bush was the president all of 2008.

Was George Bush senior or George Bush juinor president in 2000?

George W. Bush the junior was elected president in the year 2000.

What year was george Washington eleceted as president?

1489 is when george washiting was born.