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Ice Hockey was invented in 1875 by students at McGill University in Montreal Canada and 2 years later in 1877 those students codified the first set of ice hockey rules and organized the first teams.

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In 1885.

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Q: What year was hockey founded?
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In what year did the NHL hockey start?

NHL Hockey was founded November 22, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

When was the world junior hockey championship founded?

the hockey world junior championship was founded in 1974.

What year was Team Canada founded?

There are many versions of Team Canada. They compete at the Olympic games and internationally in soccer, hockey, basketball and baseball. The most famous is the Team Canada hockey team and they were founded in 1963.

In what year was the Nottingham Panthers founded?

"The Nottingham Panthers were founded in the year of 1946, nine-teen forty-six. They are a professional hockey club (British). There are books about them in Barnes and Nobles or Amazon and Ebay."

When was Michigan hockey founded?

18 years ago.

Who is Bob Vandal and when was ice hockey founded?

hockey was created in the 1800s by a guy named bob vandal

In what year were the Vancouver Canucks founded?

In the 1870s, Vancouver was founded as a settlement called Granville. Then in 1886, it became a city and renamed Vancouver after a naval captain.

Where and when did the NHL start?

The National Hockey League was formed in 1917 in Montreal, it derived from the National Hockey Association which was founded in 1909

When was the slovak ice hockey team founded?

It was founded firstly in 1908, but as part of Czechoslovakia, Slovak Republic team was founded after breakup of Czechoslovakia, in 1993.

When did the OHL start?

The OHL (Ontario Hockey League) was founded in 1974.

Who founded the sport of street hockey?

It is believed that street hockey began in North America around the turn of the 20th Century. It was founded in the early 1970s by Raymond W. Leclerc, who was also the creator of the "No Bounce ball".

When did National Hockey League form?

The NHL was founded November 26, 1917