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The flute was made about 3000 years ago, But the first one was made in the 1830s

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Q: What year was the flute made?
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What is a flute usually made from?

the flute is generally made of wood

Where was the pan flute made?

the pan flute was made in Greece

How did the first flute get made?

The first flute was made by Bohem

What is the flute made out of from today?

Today, a flute is normally made out of metal.

Is the flute made of metal?

If it is a real flute, then yes it is made of metal.

What is the Egyptian flute made out of?

an Egyptian flute is made out of bamboo and wood

Where was the pan flute?

the pan Flute was made in Greece

When was the flute first made?

The first flute was made over 5,000 years ago. It was made out of bone. The first metal flute was made in 1830 by Theobald Boehm.

What woodwind instrument does not use a reed to produce sound?

That would be the flute. The flute is made of metal, but it was originally made of wood.

When did the flute be made?

The flute be made of wood. Wood that looks like metal. And beaver skin. And fries.

What material is the flute made of?

What a Flute is made of depends on the type of flute. Most flutes are made of metal, and these are the ones you'll see used in an orchestra. But there are bamboo and other wooden flutes. Additionally, the recorder, a type of flute, is made of plastic and is commonly available (as are other plastic flutes).

Is the flute made in 3 pieces?

The flute is in three pieces but it's made out of many many small pieces.