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When I looked into her sea green eyes I was suddenly sure everything was going to be O.K. Which Romantic idea is most clearly shown hereWhen I looked into her sea green eyes I was suddenly sure everyt?

The idea of the sublime is most clearly shown in this statement, as the experience of looking into her eyes evokes a sense of awe and reassurance that transcends rational thought.

What does the word Byronic mean?

A character looked upon as a romantic hero, named after the poet Lord Byron

How do you erase what you've looked up?

you go to your history and erase everything

Did coco have any important events in her life that influenced her?

It was her love interest Boy Cabel when he looked at her she suddenly felt stronger.

What is a sentence using the word jittery?

The jittery train passenger suddenly broke into a dance routine that looked like it was right out of a 1940s movie.

Why does your car make a grinding noise in the rear right wheel area when driving at 45 mph for less than a minute then the noise suddenly stops and everything is fine?

Your vehicle may have a sticking brake; once you drive it, it unlocks; but this needs to be looked at before the brake is damaged. I hope this helps you. Mark

What does consever?

your life how it's looked after and what you eat well everything really by analie joyce

What we could see a light when we looked carefully?

Everything as long as you have eyes

What is the meaning of phrase jumped out?

The usual meaning of the phrase 'jumped out' is when an image or an idea suddenly becomes clear to you. Have you ever looked at an autostereogram (a 'magic eye' picture). You look and you look - and you see nothing but a blur of colour. And then suddenly the picture 'comes'.

When did Roger bacon describe the magnifying glass?

he looked and discovered it made everything look bigger

What do you think the effect on roads and highways would be if suddenly there had no National highway act?

I think we would be driving on roads that looked like they were built in ancient Rome.

What similes are in charlottes web?

pg. 77-1 "Everything on the farm was dripping wet. The grass looked like a magic carpet. The asparagus patch looked like a silver forest."