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Mercutio is the guy who blithers on about Queen Mab. This is in Act 1 Scene 4.

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Mercutio talks about Queen Mab, rather more than anyone wants to hear.

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Q: When Romeo reveals a dream he had who begins to talk about Queen Mab?
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When romeo reveals a dream he had who begins to talk to queen mab?


What character was a fairy queen in romeo and Juliet?

The character who was a fairy queen in "Romeo and Juliet" is Titania. However, Titania is a character from William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream," not "Romeo and Juliet."

Why is queen mab relevant to Romeo?

queen mab- fairy Romeo- believed a dream they both are non-secure answers or something to go by. Would you believe in a fairy type deal. would you believe a dream where you married a donkey?

Who is the fairy queen in Romeo and Juliet?

The fairy queen or "Queen Mab" was the dream fairy who could supposedly make you belive whatever she wanted.

In midsummer night's dream what is the queen of the fairies called?

In Mercutio's speech in Romeo and Juliet, it's Queen Mab. In A Midsummer Night's Dream it's Titania.

Who is the fairy mercutio says visits romeo?

queen mab the dream fairy who comes to you in your sleep

According to Mercutio Lovers dream of?

In Mercutio's Queen Mab speech in the play Romeo and Juliet he says that lovers dream of love. He adds that courtiers dream of curtsies and lawyers dream of fees.

How is Romeo's dream an example of foreshadowing?

Mercutio gives Romeo a speech about Queen Mab, who is the whore of the fairies. Mercutio says that Queen Mab inspires lust in people. He is trying to tell Romeo that his love for Rosaline, and that love in general is all lust. Mercutio's point is: Love doesn't exist, it's just lust.

What does queen mab cause someone to dream in romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio spins out a great long tale about Queen Mab, in the course of which he talks about how she makes different people dream about different things: lovers dream of love, courtiers dream of curtsies, lawyers dream of fees, ladies dream of kisses, soldiers dream of throat-cutting and so on.

Is queen mab from Romeo and Juliet the queen of bad or good dreams?

Queen Mab is traditionally depicted as the queen of fairies in English folklore, not as the queen of bad dreams. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare portrays Queen Mab as a mischievous and whimsical figure who is responsible for bringing dreams to people while they sleep.

Who is the fairy that mercutio says romeo in dreams?

According to Mercutio, the fairy queen, Queen Mab, is a fairy mid-wife. She is responsible for causing dreams. Mercutio is a character from Romeo and Juliet.

When does mercutio mention queen mab?

In Act I, scene iv of "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo is about to tell Mercutio about a dream that he had. Mercutio is quick to cut Romeo off and tell him about Queen Mab. According to Mercutio and the speech that he gives in this scene, Queen mab is the dream fairy -- she is the fairy who gives people their dreams and decides what they will dream about. There are several examples that are given within this speech -- for example women dream of kisses, priests dream of tithes, lawyers dream of money (fees), etc. Within this speech (toward the beginning) Mercutio also discusses how small this Queen Mab is.