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Before the Printing Press, books were both labor intensive to create and there wasn't much market for them since most people were illiterate. The most common method of communication was the telling of lore and tales to each succeeding generation but with the advent of the printing press, books became more widespread and literacy also increased as a result.

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Q: When a communication device such as the printing press was invented what was the most common method of communicating?
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Who collected writings of Confucius?

Because Confucius lived in a time that predated the printing press, much of his writings were passed on through oral tradition. Literacy was also not as common as it is today.

What is a social barrier of communication?

Physical Barriers - One of the major barriers of communication in a workplace is the physical barrier. Physical barriers in an organization includes large working areas that are physically separated from others. Other distractions that could cause a physical barrier in an organization are the environment, background noiseLanguage - Inability to converse in a language that is known by both the sender and receiver is the greatest barrier to effective communication. When a person uses inappropriate words while conversing or writing, it could lead to misunderstanding between the sender and a receiver.Emotions - Your emotions could be a barrier to communication if you are engrossed in your emotions for some reason. In such cases, you tend to have trouble listening to others or understanding the message conveyed to you. A few of the emotional interferences include hostility, anger, resentfulness and fear.Lack of Subject Knowledge - If a person who sends a message lacks subject knowledge then he may not be able to convey his message clearly. The receiver could misunderstand his message, and this could lead to a barrier to effective communication.Stress - One of the major communication barriers faced by employees in most of the organization is stress. When a person is under immense stress, he may find it difficult to understand the message, leading to communication distortion. At the time of stress, our psychological frame of mind depends on our beliefs, experiences, goals and values. Thus, we fail to realize the essence of communication.

What do public bills deal with?

Public bills are the bills that affect the whole nation, whereas a private bill only affects a specific person or group.

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If you mean the common sense by what everyone has, then yes, it is common because everyone has it. Not that they always use it.

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When a communication device such as a printing press was invented what was the most common method of communicating?

Before the printing press was invented, the most common method of communicating on paper was hand written. Every book or paper had to be hand written and was very time consuming.

What was the most common method of communicating when the printing press was invented?

Before the invention of the printing press, the most common method of communication was messengers. These messengers would travel from town to town with information and news from other places.

What was the most common method of communicating before the printing press was invented?

Prob oral

What is the noun form of communication?

The word 'communication' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for the exchange of information, a thing.

Is language is necessary or communication?

Yes. Language establishes a common mode of understanding communication. But it does not have to be spoken or even written. Body language is an important way of communicating thought.

What kind of communication is first invented?

Communication is not invented, its an instinct. Language is the most common type of communication among humans. Animals communicate too by using their sound, body language and even its own scent.

What is the role language of communication?

It is a little like asking about the role of air in breathing. Communication is the science and art of exchanging information in a meaningful way. The means by which you do that will be through one or more languages. You need a set or sets of symbols, definitions and rules common to the communicating parties.

What are some common communication theories?

Some common communication theories are interpersonal communication, group communication and mass communication. There are many more theories but these three are the most common.

ICS requires the use of what when communicating?

common language/ plain engllish

What are some of the customs and traditions that various countries use for drums?

Drums have traditionally been used form communication over distances. Their most common traditional use (other than musical) is communicating orders to armies during battle.

In regard to concerns about immature printing and invented spelling which statement(s) isare true?

Immature printing is a normal stage in a child's development that typically occurs before they develop more fluent and accurate writing skills. Invented spelling refers to the practice of children using their knowledge of letter sounds to spell words phonetically, which can be a helpful step towards developing conventional spelling skills. Both immature printing and invented spelling are common and expected stages in a child's literacy development, and they can be a sign that a child is actively engaging with written language.

What did the printing press and the Internet have in common?

The internet and the printing press both increased the amount of information a person can obtain.