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my left @ss cheek

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Q: When and where did George Washington fire the first blow?
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Why was dolley Madison important?

Dolley Madison did quite a bit... She was the first lady to both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison ( Madison was her actual husband, she took the place of Jefferson's wife because she was ill). She had a portrait of George Washington and her husbands most important papers before the White House was burned to the ground. Dolley had a honorary seat in congress and also had the honor of being the first provate citizen to transmit a message via. telegraph!

When the British marched on Washington in 1814 they did what to the Capitol building?

During the War of 1812 between the US and Great Britain, the British defeated American troops at the Battle of Bladensburg, which left Washington D.C. open to attack. On August 24, 1814, the British invaded Washington and burned both the Capitol and the White House. They looted the Capitol first before setting fire to the building.

How tall was George Washington?

He was six feet, two inches tall by some reports, but there is some question about his true height, as follows: George Washington was measured for his clothing at 74 inches in height, or 6'2". Though, in his correspondences with merchants he often complained that his clothes were too small . After his death, he was measured at 6'3" and 1/2 inches tall in his stocking feet. Ron Chernow, in his book Washington-A life, claims Washington is 6' even. He bases this assumption on orders Washington placed for clothing in which Washington asks for clothing," for a man of 6 feet high." However, further reading of Washington's papers will reveal that he never seems satisfied with his clothing and constantly complains that the legs are too short. Perhaps the best way to accuratly attain Washington's true hight is if one looks at the statue made of George Washington by Jean-Antoine Houdan. One can use the statue's dimensions to attain a measurement of Washington's height at over 6' 3". Washington requested that Houdan make his statue life-sized, rather than larger than life. Houdan spent two weeks with Washington and made a series of very exact measurements which were all subsequently lost in a fire. However, the Statue remains, and was used by Mount Vernon in 2006 as one element to forensically reconstruct Washington's likeness in wax. In addition, we know Thomas Jefferson to be 6' 2" and 1/2" tall, and George Washington was known to be (a little) taller than Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin said, (who himself was 6 feet tall) of Washington, "We always choose him to lead us because he was always the tallest man in the room"

What is delegating power?

Delegated power is when certain people have certain powers ... The Fire Fighter puts out the fires the EMT helps the people in the fire the Fire Marchall find out if the fire was a accident or not ... Although they all work for the fire dept. the Fire Fighter can't put you in jail for starting the fire the... The EMT can't put out the fire ... And the Fire Marchall can only give you first aid ...

Which Great Awakening preacher used reasonable arguments to persuade people to live in a way that allowed them to walk with God?

George Whitefield preached this way. It was a stark contrast to the fire-and-brimstone sermons given by preachers like Jonathan Edwards.

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Who orderd fire BM?

George Washington

What did George Washington have to do with constitution?

He burned it in fire

Who orderd the fire for Boston Massacre?

George Washington i think... BooYaa!

How do you build a fire on sims castaway?

First you get wood. Then you go to the fire pit. Tap on it. It will make fire. Tap that. Then you rub on the wood. When you do it enough it will say blow. Then you blow. Walla you have a fire.

Who fired the first shot of the french and Indian war?

There is uncertainty about the first shot fired in the Battle of Jumonville Glen. Some accounts state that George Washington ordered fire. Some accounts state that someone else fired a shot, and that George Washington then ordered return fire. For more information, please see the Related Link below.

Was art saved from the 1814 White House fire?

The portrait of George Washington.

Why did the white house have to be rebuilt?

Because a big fire started after George Washington was out of office.

What did James Madison grab from white house fire in 1800?

A portrait of George Washington

What art was saved from the fire at the White House?

It's George Washington's picture of art(?)

Who was the first President to lead US troops and face enemy fire while in office?

George Washington in the Whiskey Rebellion.

What did George Washington do when he got older?

i once lit my cat on fire when i was soldering a copper pipe

Why isn't heat fire?

your question makes no sense. but if it did, it would be a conspriacy made up by george washington.