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Battle of Sideling Hill happened on 1756-04-04.

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Q: When did Battle of Sideling Hill happen?
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When was Sideling Hill Tunnel created?

Sideling Hill Tunnel was created in 1940.

When did Battle of Battle Hill happen?

Battle of Battle Hill happened on 1846-08-13.

When did Battle of Boldon Hill happen?

Battle of Boldon Hill happened in 1644.

When did Battle of Guard Hill happen?

Battle of Guard Hill happened in 1864.

When did Battle of Crater Hill happen?

Battle of Crater Hill happened in 1944.

When did Battle of Loup Hill happen?

Battle of Loup Hill happened in 1689.

When did Battle of Golden Hill happen?

Battle of Golden Hill happened in 1770.

When did Battle of Mengo Hill happen?

Battle of Mengo Hill happened in 1966.

When did Battle of Gqokli Hill happen?

Battle of Gqokli Hill happened in 1818-05.

When did Battle of the Hill of the Jews happen?

Battle of the Hill of the Jews happened in 1542-08.

When you the battle of edge hill happen?

The battle of Edge hill was first. The battle of Naseby had Had new model Army.

When did Battle of Barren Hill happen?

Battle of Barren Hill happened on 1778-05-20.