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British Leyland ended in 1986.

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Q: When did British Leyland end?
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What is British Leyland's population?

The population of British Leyland is 250,000.

How can you trace your british leyland pension?

Who do I contact about my British Leyland Pension

Which country does the leyland belongs?

Leyland was/is a British brand.

How do you contact the adminster for british leyland pension scheme?

How can i find out if i am entitle to a pension from british leyland

When did Leyland DAF end?

Leyland DAF ended in 1993.

Why did British leyland fail?

because nobody cared about the british

When does Jim leyland's contract end?

End of thiis year

Who makes mgb?

They were made by MG, which was a division of British Leyland.

How do you find if I am entitled to pension from British leyland?

Blmc pension scheme

What model is mr bean's mini?

Mr beans mini is a British leyland 1000. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!

What two companies merged for form Leyland Tractor?

British Motor Corporation and Leyland Motors merged to form British Leyland in 1968. Morris Motors Limited became a part of BMC in 1951. The owner, Lord Nuffield started making Nuffield Tractors after World War II.

Did ford make the marina car?

No it was manufactured by Morris a British Leyland company.