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Dorothy "Dolly" Quincy was the wife of John Hancock; after he died, she remarried several years later, and it is under her new married name, Dorothy Scott, that she was buried, at the Granary Burial Ground in Boston. She did in Boston on February 3, 1830.

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she died February 3 1830

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hiw did dorothy hancock die

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Q: When did Dorothy Quincy die?
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When did Dorothy Quincy Hancock Die?

February 3, 1830

When did John Hancock marry Dorothy Quincy?

Yes, but "Dolly" was her nickname. Her legal name at birth was Dorothy Quincy. She married once and was Dorothy Quincy Scott. After her first husband passed away, she married John Hancock, and then her legal married name was Dorothy Quincy Hancock Scott.

Was Dorothy Quincy Adams related to John Quincy Adams?

I am not sure which "Dorothy Quincy Adams" you are asking about. There was a Dorothy Quincy, but her married name was Hancock, and she was the wife of John Hancock; today, the Quincy home is a tourist site in the city of Quincy MA, as is the Adams home, where John and Abigail lived. The Quincy family was very famous in early Massachusetts, and Dorothy Quincy was well-known as a hostess, giving parties which many important people of her day attended. John Quincy Adams (whose mother was Abigail, and father was President John Adams) did have a wife, but her name was not Dorothy-- it was Louisa.

Who was Dorothy Quincy?

She was the wife of John Hancock.

Who was john Hancock's wife?

John Hancock's wife was Dorothy Quincy. When she married John Hancock in August of 1775, she became Dorothy Hancock.Dorothy Quincy

How did John Hancock meet Dorothy Quincy?


Who did John Hancock get married with?

Dorothy "Dolly" Quincy

What year did John Hancock marry Dorothy Quincy?

in 1775

Did John Hancock write to Dorothy Quincy?

i love pie

Did john Hancock have kids with Abigail Adams?

No. John Hancock was married to Abigail Adams' cousin, Dorothy Quincy. John Hancock and his wife Dorothy had two children. Abigail Adams had six children with her husband John Quincy Adams.

Was Dorthy Quincy Hancock related to John Quincy Adams?

Yes- Dorothy Quincy Hancock was related to Abigail Adams (whose maiden name comes from the Quincy family)- Dorothy Quincy is the wife of John Hancock Abigail Adams is the wife of John Adams and the mother of John Quincy Adams (John Adams and John Hancock were both friends of each other and friends of the Quincy household who each married a member (far relatives) of the Quincy household) Click on links at the bottom of the page for more information.

When did Quincy Wright die?

Quincy Wright died in 1970.