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George Erskine died on 1965-08-29.

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Q: When did George Erskine die?
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When was George Erskine born?

George Erskine was born on 1899-08-23.

When did Arthur Erskine die?

Arthur Erskine died in 1963.

When did Erskine Holt die?

Erskine Holt died in 2003.

When did Erskine Beveridge die?

Erskine Beveridge died in 1920.

When did Margaret Erskine die?

Margaret Erskine died in 1572.

When did Erskine Butterfield die?

Erskine Butterfield died in 1961.

When did Erskine Nicol die?

Erskine Nicol died in 1904.

When did Erskine Burrows die?

Erskine Burrows died in 1977.

When did Mary Erskine die?

Mary Erskine died in 1708.

When did Payne Erskine die?

Payne Erskine died in 1924.

When did Ruairidh Erskine die?

Ruairidh Erskine died in 1960.

When did John Erskine of Dun die?

John Erskine of Dun died in 1591.