When did George Fries die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Fries died in 1866.

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Q: When did George Fries die?
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When was George Fries born?

George Fries was born in 1799.

Sally george and frank are picking up their order-pizza burer and fries. George said i didnt order pizza an frank who ordered fries said i thought you did. Who ordered what?


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'Do Fries Go with that Shake' by George Clinton (1986).

When did Bernhard Fries die?

Bernhard Fries died in 1879.

When did Ellen Fries die?

Ellen Fries died in 1900.

When did Ernst Fries die?

Ernst Fries died in 1833.

When did Adelaide Fries die?

Adelaide Fries died in 1949.

When did Sherwood Fries die?

Sherwood Fries died in 1986.

When did John Fries Frazer die?

John Fries Frazer died in 1872.

When did Frank W. Fries die?

Frank W. Fries died in 1980.

When did Pete Fries die?

Pete Fries died on 1937-07-29.

When did Jean Benner-Fries die?

Jean Benner-Fries died in 1849.