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George Ibrahim died in 2003.

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Q: When did George Ibrahim die?
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Ibrahim Abatcha died in 1968.

When did İbrahim Senil die?

İbrahim Senil died in 1981.

When did Ibrahim Njoya die?

Ibrahim Njoya died in 1933.

When did Ibrahim Coulibaly die?

Ibrahim Coulibaly died in 2011.

When did Ibrahim Malik die?

Ibrahim Malik died in 1353.

When did Ibrahim Niass die?

Ibrahim Niass died in 1975.

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Ibrahim Mukhtar died in 1969.

When did Khanmohammad Ibrahim die?

Khanmohammad Ibrahim died in 2007.

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Hafez Ibrahim died in 1932.

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Ali Ibrahim died in 2010.

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Ibrahim Bey died in 1817.

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Ibrahim of Kazan died in 1479.