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Georges Lacombe - painter - was born in 1868.

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Georges Lacombe - painter - died in 1916.

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Q: When did Georges Lacombe - painter - die?
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When did Georges Lacombe - film director - die?

Georges Lacombe - film director - died in 1990.

When did Georges Lacombe die?

Georges Lacombe died on April 14, 1990, in Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

When was Georges Lacombe - film director - born?

Georges Lacombe - film director - was born in 1902.

When was Georges Lacombe born?

Georges Lacombe was born on August 19, 1902, in Paris, France.

When did Georges Miquelle die?

Georges Miquelle died in 1977.

When was Georges Michel - painter - born?

Georges Michel - painter - was born in 1763.

What has the author Blandine Salmon written?

Blandine Salmon has written: 'Georges Lacombe'

When did Liguori Lacombe die?

Liguori Lacombe died in 1957.

When did Albert Lacombe die?

Albert Lacombe died in 1916.

When did Louis Lacombe die?

Louis Lacombe died in 1884.

When did Roland Lacombe die?

Roland Lacombe died on 2011-11-26.

When did Emile Henry Lacombe die?

Emile Henry Lacombe died in 1924.