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Karl Benz invented the first car on April, 4 1929

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Q: When did Karl Benz invented the car?
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Who invented Benz car?

Karl Benz founded Mercedes-Benz

When did Karl Benz invent a car?

Karl Benz invented it in 1888. He invented a gasoline powered vehicle in 1885.

What did Karl Benz make?

he invented the car

Where did the invented the car?

Karl Benz of Germany in 1889.

What was the first car inventod?

invented by karl benz

Who invented the worlds first car?

Karl Benz invented the world's first car

Who invented the motor car that uses petrol?

Karl benz

Who invented the internal combustion car in 1885?

karl Benz

what is the name of the person that invented the car?

Karl F. Benz

What brand was the first car invented in 1769?

None- cars weren't invented until 1886 when Karl Benz(of mecedes-benz) invented the first car.

Who invented the petrol driven car in 1885?

Karl Benz invented the first petrol driven car

What was the first car invented?

First modern automobile was invented by Karl Benz in 1886.