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Sarah George Bagley, who was an advocate for women's rights died in 1884.

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Q: When did Sarah George Bagley die?
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Where did Sarah Bagley die?

Sarah Bagley died in Brooklyn, NY .

When did George R. Bagley die?

George R. Bagley died on 1939-12-26.

When did George A. Bagley die?


Who was Sarah G. Bagley and what role did she play in the workplace?

Sarah George Bagley was an advocate of women's rights. She was also a labor leader who fought to cap the per day limit for factory works at 10 hours.

When was George A. Bagley born?

George A. Bagley was born in 1826.

Were reformers such as Sarah G Bagley effective in improving labor conditions?

a strong voice in the union movement was that of millworkers sarah G Bagley was

When was George R. Bagley born?

George R. Bagley was born on 1871-01-25.

When did Geoffrey Bagley die?

Geoffrey Bagley died in 1992.

When did Ben Bagley die?

Ben Bagley died in 1998.

When did W.G.C. Bagley die?

W.G.C. Bagley died in 1943.

When did Laurence Bagley die?

Laurence Bagley died in 1983.

When did Amelia Bagley die?

Amelia Bagley died in 1956.