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Feudalism started in China during the Shang dynasty. Feudalism lasted until the end of the Qin/Chin dynasty.

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Q: When did feudalism start in China?
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What was the original purpose of feudalism in China?

Feudalism in China, like Feudalism all over the world, was meant to keep peasants oppressed and nobles powerful. It succeeded for centuries.

What was ancient China's government?

Ancient China's Government was a Monarchy.

Why was the loyalty important in feudalism?

Vassals were awarded trade privileges with China.

What is the main characteristics of ancient China feudalism?

ancient Chinese feudalism is when the peasants live on the kings land and give him crops in return for military protection

When did feudalism start and end in France?

Feudalism began approximately during the 11th century and ended around the 15th century.

Why did feudalism fail in china?

The decline of feudalism in China took its course in the Chunqiu period. As feudalism went on in China the family ties became diluted the more dependent the ruler became on the combined strength of the vassals. Thus, the feudal system withered and finally collapsed.

What are some countries that under feudalism?

The following is a list of some countries under feudalism: China, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Jerusalem, Russia and Scotland.

What did they use before feudalism in China?

Tribes, exept that the Wizard class was never in much power.

When did China labor start in China?

when did china labor start

What dynasty was the autumn and spring period in china?

The Zhou kingdom ruled during this time with the political stance of feudalism.

How did feudalism in china fail to ful its original purpose?

Instead of maintain Zhou control it led to independent war lords

What is the May 4th movement?

The May 4th movement, also referred to as the new culture movement, began in China in 1916. This movement was the beginning of China's revolution against imperialism and feudalism.