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The limitation of Presidential terms of office are specified in the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The amendment was passed by Congress on March 24, 1947 and ratified on February 27, 1951. The amendment excluded Truman who was in office. The first President to whom it applied was Dwight Eisenhower who took office on January 20,1953.

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Q: When did it become illegal to have a presidential third term?
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Did Bill Clinton seek a third term?

No, because running for a third term has been illegal since 1951

When was Franklin D. Roosevelt re-elected as president for the third term?

United States Presidential Election, 1940

In 1940 how did President Franklin D. Roosevelt break with presidential precedent?

He was elected as president for a third and forth term.

How long is one presidential term?

how long is each presidential term of office

What month was Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected to athid term?

Franklin D. Roosevelt won his third U.S. presidential election in 1940.

What did Franklin D Roosevelt do after his last presidential term?

He died during his last Presidential term.

What does Ted Cruz mean when he uses the word 'amnesty'?

The term "amnesty" in US politics, and presumably when 2016 Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz uses it, typically refers to the idea of giving the Illegal Immigrants in the United States some sort of pardon for the crime of illegal border crossing. It can be as minimal as ceasing the deportation proceedings of Illegal Immigrants, but is usually a reference to a "Path to Citizenship", where the Illegal Immigrants will be able to apply to become US citizens under certain conditions set out by law.

How long is a presdentiaal term?

a presidential term is 4 years.

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt break a precedent set by George Washington?

Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for a third presidential term even though all of the president before him had served under a two-term limit.

Should you capitalize the term presidential election?

Yes, the term "Presidential Election" should be capitalized because it refers to a specific event or title.

What year did the presidential term change to two terms?

February 27, 1951 was the date that the 22nd amendment became law.The Congress passed the amendment on March 21, 1947. The amendment did not apply to the sitting President Truman, but he declined to run for a third term.

Why was the 1960 presidential elction so different from the previous elections?

It was the only U. S. Presidential election in which one of the candidates had previously won two other U. S. Presidential elections. That candidate was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who won his third presidential election in 1940... and his fourth in 1944. The 22nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, ratified in February, 1951, made sure that wouldn't happen again (unless, of course, the amendment gets repealed in the future).