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when did people start bathing and what ruler made the law to bathe regularly

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Q: When did people start bathing regularly?
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Why didn't people bathe in the 18th century?

Some did, but as an occasional luxury. The Medieval idea of bathing as unhealthy was still widely held, apparently.

Why were powdered wigs worn?

In the old days, people did not bathe regularly. This is not a joke, by the way. Indoor plumbing was rare, and some people even believed bathing was harmful. In Shakespeare's day, people covered themselves with perfume to hide the fact that they did not bathe often. Upper-class men wore wigs partly to represent status and authority, but they also wore them for a practical reason-- they hid lice. And they were powdered to hide dirty hair. Interestingly, the custom of wearing a wig-hat persisted even into the era when people DID begin to bathe regularly, and today, in British courts, male attorneys and judges still wear the wig-hat. Americans began to wear it in the early republic, but they rejected it, as they rejected other customs that reminded them of being a British colony.

What factor can motivate people to start a political revolution?

What factor can motivate people to start a political revolution? a desire to create military conflict

Why does the preamble start with you the people?

The preamble does not start with you the people it starts with WE the people...this refers to all citizens of the United States of America that we shall stand as one, together for the good of the country.

What does the Declaration of Independence start with?

the declaration of independence started with we the people because the people that wrote the declaration for us the people.

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Do giraffe have after care?

you would take care of a giraffe by feeding it regularly and bathing and taking care of it when it is ill.

When did people start using indoor plumbing for bathing?

About 2,000 years ago the Romans started using indoor plumbing.

What two things did people base their scientific ideas off of during the middle ages?

The idea that the people in Middle Ages did not wash is based on two misconceptions and myths. Firstly, after doctors claimed bathing was harmful hence people avoided washing too regularly. Secondly, the Christian moralists and churchmen in Middle Ages warned against excessive bathing.

When was the first bathing suit invented?

the first bathing suit was invented by a variety of people

Why do people stink after bathing?


When can you start bathing your puppy?

after their first shots about 8 weeks.

What are the factors that can contribute to good personal hygiene?

* bathing regularly * using a deodorant/antiperspirant * keeping your nails clean * wearing clean clothes * brushing teeth regularly * keeping your hair clean and tidy

How did people in Africa groom themselves?

By bathing !

What are the bathing arrangements for the people of the annex?


What are the bathing arrangements for the people in the annex?


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