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According to Wikipedia's article on "Running Mates", presidential running mates began around 1860. FYI: Originally the second choice presidential candidate became vice president. In 1804 Pres/Vice pres began running on separate ballots.

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Q: When did presidential running mates start?
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Who were Harry Turman's Vice Presidential running mates?

you and your mama!! put that in a juicebox and suck it:)

Who were President Nixon's running mates?

Nixon's running mates were Dwight Eisenhower as a Vice Presidential candidate, and Spiro Agnew as Presidential candidate. Gerald Ford did not run with Nixon, though he later became his Vice President.

Candidates for president and vice president are called the party's?

They are called the party's presidential ticket. Also the party's presidential nominees.

Who chooses a party's candidate for a vice president?

Advisors select and choose a vice president.

Who were the vice presidential choices of Barack Obama and John McCain?

Barack Obama chose Joseph Biden, Senator from Delaware and John McCain chose Sarah Palin, Governor of the state of Alaska as their vice presidential running mates.

What are the ratings and certificates for Running Mates - 1985?

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What is the main purpose of the amendment?

Originally, the person who finished 2nd in the presidential election was vice president. The 12th amendment made them running mates, so that they were in the same political party.

When does the campaign for the 2012 presidential elections start?

The Republican candidate cannot start his presidential campaign until a Republican candidate is selected. The President probably won't start his campaign until he knows exactly who he will be running against.

When did the political parties start selecting runningmates?

Political parties began selecting running mates in the early 19th century in the United States. The first vice presidential candidate was chosen by the Democratic-Republican Party in the 1804 election. The selection of running mates has since become a standard practice in U.S. presidential elections.

When was Running Mates - The West Wing episode - created?

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What is the vice presidential candidate called during the presidential campaign?

The vice presidential candidate is often referred to as the running mate of the presidential candidate during the campaign.