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The British realized after the Battle of Bunker Hill that fighting the colonists would not be easy.

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Q: When did the british realize that fighting the colonists would not be easy?
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When did the British realize that fighting the British would not be easy?

The British realized after the Battle of Bunker Hill that fighting the colonists would not be easy.

3 How was the colonists fighting style different from the British style?

the colonists (George Washington's army) would attack the weakest part of the columns

Defend the British decision to ban colonists from setting on the western frontier?

british leaders feared that more fighting would take place on the frontier if colonists kept moving onto american-indian lands.

Did the Declaration of Independence help the colonists realize it was good to fight for there independence?

At first the Declaration of Independence was the Colonists way of fighting. The declaration set certain laws of how the Government and the people should act. But they did go into war with the British. Another important document that helped is the Constitution. if you would like to learn more about this go Hope my answers were helpful!

Why were the colonists fighting the British?

The Colonist's were being used as the bank for England. England was in terrible debt due to the wars in Europe and fighting Spain. The biggest issue was that the colonists had no right's to speak to what the British where doing to them. They were 'being taxed without representation' and had enough. If the British were to give the Colonies representation in Parliament they would kept the colonies under the crown.

Were the colonists justified in dumping he british tea into the harbor?

It depends on your perspective. The colonists would say yes. The British would say no.

Why did most Indians fight with the french against the british and its American colonists in the french and Indian war?

The French colonists treated the Native Americans with A LOT more respect than the other colonists did (including British colonists). The NAs would have rather had no colonization on their land at all, but given the choice to defend the peaceful French territory or fight alongside the British (who wanted to acquire that territory) it was an easy decision for them to make.

Who was fighting the Revolutionary War and why?

The people who fought in the revolutionary war were the British and the Colonists. They went to war because King George III would enforce laws and taxes to the Colonists without there representation. Taxation without representation" meant that the colonists were being taxed and given laws without any representation, meaning that the laws given to them were just given without even letting the colonists knowing. This was unfair to the colonists so they boycotted (rebelled) on all British laws, taxes, and goods. The British could see that the colonists would never give up fighting for their liberty, so they kept fighting, more people died, but in the end, the colonists had won, and liberty was theirs. No longer did they have a monarchy (When a king and or queen runs a nation or country), but now they had a democracy. (people would vote for a leader to represent their country.)

Why did American colonists want independence for the British?

The British were taxing the colonists for tea and other necessities unfairly. They also would not let the colonists be represented in Britain.

What would have happened if the colonists had not separated from the British?

America would not be free

What tactics did colonists use against the British troops on their march back from Concord to Boston?

The colonists used tactic we would now call guerrilla warfare tactics. They thought of their tactics as doing what worked when fighting the Native Americans, who also fought that way. The colonists hid behind trees and stones and waited for the British troops. Then the colonists would fire and retreat a small bit, then fire again and repeating this many times. Around 1500 out of 5000 British troops were killed and only around 100 of the colonies were shot.

Why is it called the American War for Independence?

Because Americans lived on the continent of NORTH AMERICA and were fighting the British who OWNED most of NORTH AMERICA...Americans were COLONIES of Great Britain. American COLONISTS wanted INDEPENDENCE from their British owners or leadership. Britain would NOT allow that independence, so the Colonists fought them for it.