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They became a part of the union after they lost the civil war.

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Q: When did the southern states become part of the Union again?
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Why do you still refer to the Articles of Confederation if they have been abolished?

The United States of America were not united immediately after the Revolutionary war. The truth is the country was governed for about 12 years after the end of the war under a document called the Articles of Confederation. Its main point was that there was a weak central government and the states were gathered together as a Confederation which gave each state a major role in their own governance than the central government had. Although it did not work, and eventually the states ratified the Constitution of the United States in 1789, which made the central government strong, and the powers of the states were those not claimed by the central government in the Constitution. Some 70 years later when the 11 southern states tried to secede from the Union, it caused the American Civil War. These southern states again joined together in a Confederation trying to war against the Union. They claimed states rights which was the reason for forming the Confederate States of America, but after the end of the war they were brought back into the Union and were forced to relinquish states rights.

What year did Sam Houston become President of Texas?

In 1836 and again in 1841.

What did grant say the confederate rebels had become following lee surrender?

He refused to allow his men to celebrate, saying, "The rebels are our countrymen again."

Who did many southern newspapers and politicians blame for John Browns raid?

his fat wife and if you look to your right you can see her dont ask this question ever again or else you will suffer the consequences of life

Can a president could run again after his term?

If he has only run once, he can run for a second term. However, If he has run twice, he cannot become president a third time.

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Which was Abraham Lincoln and major aim in the Civil War?

His whole emphasis was to not allow the southern states to leave the union. He felt if he did that the union would never come together again.

Why weren't the former confederate states all readmitted at the same time back into the Union?

Each former state had to reapply to become a part of the Union again.

Why did the North wanted to punish the Southern states and make it difficult to join the Union again?

Because they were pissed off about the loss of life and what they saw as mistreatment of Union prisoners during the war.

Which side did Ulysses S. Grant fight for in the civil war?

The Union army was fighting for the end of slavery and to unite the country again. The southern states were huge supporters of slavery, considering the fact that southerners had huge plantations which required many people to take care of the huge area, so slaves were often an option...After the southern states and northern states argued over slavery, most southern states seceded from the United States and created their own country, called the "Confederacy". Their first president was Jefferson Davis. So a civil war broke out, causing the northern states to fight the southern states.So basically the goal for the Union was to end slavery and unite the United States back together. So the Union Army was fighting for freedom...

Why is the eleven southern states that succeded from the union important?

The formed the Confederate States of America, which fought the rest of the Union, and looked like winning for a time, in the summer of 1862, and again in 1864 when everyone thought Lincoln would be voted out in the election.

Was a part of Lincoln's plan of reconstruction?

You theu / Lincoin would require each Southern state to pay its war debt before it could become part of the union again A+LS

What side did George B McCellan support?

As a general of the Army of the Potomac and for a time the general in chief of the Union forces, George McClellan of course was on the Union side. He believed that the Southern States were in a rebellion against the legal Federal Government and his goal was to bring them back into the Union. After he was relieved of his military duties, he focused on becoming a politician and ran as a Democrat in the 1864 presidential elections. He still believed that the Union could be made whole again, and his goal was to end the bloody fighting and reach some kind of agreement to have the Union become one identity again.

Was not a part of president Lincoln reconstruction plan?

You theu / Lincoin would require each Southern state to pay its war debt before it could become part of the union again A+LS

Does a ''state of war'' still exist between the US government and the Southern states formerly of the Confederate States of America?

No...the Southern states were defeated by the military forces of the North and once again became part of the United States. Over the years, the divisions between the two sections have healed and have become more united especially with the relocation of Northerners to the South.

Who was the brains behind the Southern Strategy?

President Jefferson Davis..Was commander in chief..Robert E. Lee was commander of The Army of Northern Virginia, which was the greatest of all southern armies, defeating the Union forces again and again..

What period in history called that was immediately after the civil war when congress passed laws to help rebuild the country and make the southern states part of the union again?

Reconstruction For your info- It ended in 1877 with the election of President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Did the south call the Civil War the Civil War?

For a time during the Civil War, the United States was no longer. It was divided into two countries with two primary governments: the Confederacy consisted of southern states that supported slavery; the Union was comprised of northern states that opposed it. Jefferson Davis was the President of The Confederacy; Abraham Lincoln the President of the Union. General Robert E. Lee's surrender ended the war and the government of the Confederacy. The states rejoined to become the United States of America again.