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Near the end of World War II, American forces captured Nuremburg after a costly five-day battle. On April 20th of 1945, Americans reached the city's center and the defending German forces finally surrendered.

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Q: When did the us capture Nuremberg?
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When did US capture Nuremberg Germany?

April 9, 1945

What year did the US capture Nuremberg Germany in World War 2?


When did the us capture Nuremberg Germany?

Nuremberg, Germany was captured on April 21, 1945. The battle that captured the city lasted from April 17th to April 21st.

When did allies capture Nuremberg Germany?

April 14, 1945

Which Allied country did not attend the Nuremberg Trials?

The Nuremberg Tribunal was conducted by Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the US.

What was addressed at the Nuremberg trials?

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Who was in control of the Nuremberg trials?

The Nuremberg Tribunal was established by the US, the Soviet Union, Britain and France. The judges and prosecutors were all from these four countries.

What were the names of the US soldiers who stood guard at the Nuremberg trials?


Which four nations held the Nuremberg Trials?

The US, UK, USSR and France.

Who was the US Supreme Court justice who served as the US Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials?

Robert H. Jackson, who served as an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, also acted as the Chief United States Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II.

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Where is the Nuremberg Branch Library in Nuremberg located?

The address of the Nuremberg Branch Library is: 45 Brush Street, Nuremberg, 18241 1400