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The Supreme Court Term begins the first Monday in October (October 3, in 2011) and ends the first Monday in October of the following year; however, the Justices actively hear arguments and announce decisions from October until late June or early July.

The Court divides its time into sessions of approximately four weeks. Each session is subdivided into "sittings," which are typically two-week periods during which the Justices hear arguments, and "recesses," during the alternating two weeks where they hold conferences, write opinions and conduct other business of the Court. They may hear as many as 24 cases each sitting.

The Court employs this rotating schedule until all docketed cases are reviewed, usually by the end of April or early May. During May and June, the Justices announce orders and decisions; from July through September, they read petitions for writs of certiorari and discuss cases for the upcoming term.

Under this schedule, the Supreme Court hears arguments 6-7 months of the year.

from October to July (GradPoint)

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Q: When do US Supreme Court Terms begin and end and how many months do the justices hear arguments?
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