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Electors are appointed based on each state's "popular vote" on the day after the first Monday of November. The electoral college then casts their votes on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December.

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US Presidents are elected once every four years, coinciding with leap years. The election takes place on the first Thursday in November and he or she is inaugurated on January 20th.

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Q: When do people vote for the president?
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Do the people really vote for president?

No, the vote for president is called the popular vote and that does not count. When you cast your vote for president, you are actually voting for the electors to vote for the president.

Who elects the president after the people have voted?

The people vote for the Electors who in turn vote for the President. The group is called the Electoral College

What do you have to do to be president?

You have to persuade people to vote for you.

What does the vice president serve?

The Vice President serves the people and the President. When necessary he may vote in the Senate to break a tie vote.

Do people in Mexico vote for president?

yes they do

Do people on death row get to vote for president?


Do people in Switzerland get to vote for their president?


Who do people vote for in the electoral college system?

President vice president

Can the vice president and and the cabinet vote a president out of power?

no the people can only do that

Do people really vote for the president If not then who really votes for the president?

The people actually vote to the electoral college. They are the real people who elect the president. However, they take in great consideration the popular vote. For example, just because over 70% of them want a president It doesn't necessarily mean they will elect him/her. They will use the people's votes too.

What is the role of the citizen in Iran?

18 years or older can vote for the president

What people can vote for president and vice president?

US citizens who are registered to vote elect delegates to the Electoral College, and the Electoral College elects the president and VP.