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2011 Payment Schedule



Cheque Mail


Direct Bank

Deposit Payment



Wed Jan 26

Thu Jan 27


Wed Feb 23

Thu Feb 24


Mon Mar 28

Tue Mar 29


Tue Apr 26

Wed Apr 27


Thu May 26

Fri May 27


Fri Jun 24

Mon Jun 27


Tue Jul 26

Wed Jul 27


Fri Aug 26

Mon Aug 29


Tue Sep 27

Wed Sep 28


Wed Oct 26

Thu Oct 27


Fri Nov 25

Mon Nov 28

January 2012

Tue Dec 20

Wed Dec 21

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Q: When do the odsp checks for January come out?
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What day of the month do odsp checks come direct deposit?

Last friday of the month

What date is ODSP direct deposit for December?

ODSP Direct Deposits come in on the last business day of the month, so December that would be the 19th or poissible the 18 depending if there is a leap year, check your calender.

What day will the social security checks come or be deposit in our account at our bank?

For the 1st an the 3rd. For the begin of January 2018

Will social security checks be delivered on 06302017 or 07032017 because of the holiday?

Will we ge SS check on the31first on on the 3 of January

Wil ssi checks come out tomorrow?

Do ssi checks come out ausgust 29,2014

What day do state income tax checks come out?

what day do the Michigan tax checks come out

Is a person on ODSP exempt from paying child support?


Can they get a garnish against my ODSP?

Yes, they could potentially garnish your Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) payments if you owe a debt. However, there are limits to how much can be garnished from ODSP benefits, and certain types of debts may not be eligible for garnishment. It's advisable to seek legal advice if you are facing this situation.

When will disability checks go out for January 1 2013?

If you get your check normally on the 1st or 2nd day of the month, your January check may be mailed or directly deposited on Friday, Dec 31stl, 2011. If not then you will get it on your normal day after the 2nd of January 2012. I personally wouldn't expect it unti January 3rd, 2012, because of the 3.6% increase that is scheduled to be applied to it.

Will SSI checks come early this month?

Is Your Ssi Check Say Is For January 3 rd Then I Believe We Should Get Them On December 31 St

What day is odsp direct deposit for nov 2012?

Friday November 30th

When does the government deposit odsp cheques?

the last business day of every month