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On the day of the general election. IR

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nov 4th

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Q: When does the presidential election end?
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What presidential election marked the end of populism?

Election of 1896

Did the presidential election of 1860 end slavery?

yes it did

His election marked the end of Reconstruction?

The president's election that marked the end of Reconstruction was Rutherford Hayes. It was during the Presidential Election of 1876.

What number election is the 2008 presidential election?

George Washington won the first presidential election in 1789. The 2008 presidential election was the 56th presidential election in the United States.

What presidential candidate pleged to end the Vietnam was and won the election of 1968?


Number of Americans voted in the presidential election?

Not knowing which election you are referring to... 2008 Presidential election: 132,618,580 total. 2004 Presidential election: 122,294,978 total. 2000 Presidential election: 105,586,274 total

How did the presidential election of 1896 bring an end to populism?

There was a controversy over gold and silver.

What characterized the presidential election of 1850?

There was no U. S. presidential election in 1850.

When is the presidential election in Cameroon?

the cameroonian presidential election is on the 09 october 2011

What was the result of the presidential election of 1842?

1842 was not a U.S. Presidential election year.

Which person won the presidential election after campaigning that he had a plan to end the Vietnam war?

Richard Nixon

Was there a presidential election in 2006?

Not in the US- presidential election were held in 2004 and 2008 the next one will be in 2012. (The year of a presidential election is always a multiple of 4 .)