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A deficit

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Q: When government pay out more money than it is taking in it is called?
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A Plan where the government pays out more money than it takes in with taxes is called?

"A plan where the government pays out more money than it takes in with taxes"

What is it called when the government spends more than it take in?

When a government spends more money in a year than it takes it, it is called a deficit. When it spends less than it takes in, it is called a surplus.

What is a plan in which the government cannot spend more money than it takes in called?

I'm sorry, I just know what term is used to define when a government IS spending more money that it takes in, it's called deficit spending.

Does Steve jobs have more money than the government?

No. Nobody has more money than the U.S. Government. Or, you can argue the Government has no money at all and is in debt.

What term is defined as the national government spending more money than it takes in?

It is called deficit spending.

Why a country will not print much money to pay all government debts?

Because the government is only basing their money to their dollar reserves and gold reserves which is an international medium of exchange.If the government produces more money than the value of their reserves,it is called inflation.

What is the full form of TOLL?

Money, money and more money for the government.

Describe government actions to raise money that might have a positive or negative influence on business activities.?

Taking away government handouts. By taking away handouts the government gives, it reduces the need for tax payers dollars and can increase the demand of what they are handing out. For example Obama-care has caused a dramatic decline in overall profit from the medical field. By taking away that handout out there would be an increase in medical profits towards hospitals and a decline in taxes. This would then raise money for tax payers and people in the medicine field causing them to spend more and gradually increasing the money the government has as well.

Why doesn't the government make more money?

making more money would lead to inflation.

Why do cities spend more money on attracting new people than taking care of their own residents?

they spend more money because they will make more money

When the federal government spends more money than it takes in it borrows more money to make up the difference what is this called?

Various things; The national debt The deficit Public borrowing Public debt Carelessness Irresponsibility

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