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cultural pluralism

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Q: When groups of people maintain their distinct cultural traditions while living together in one society it is known as?
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What is the opposite of melting pot?

The opposite of a melting pot is something called a salad bowl. In a bowl of freshly tossed salad, all the ingredients are mixed together. Yet they never lose their shape, form or identity. Together, however, the ingredients make up a unity. In a sense, all the ingredients of a salad contribute to the finished product. They may be covered with the same dressing, but the green vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce and eggs can all be seen for what they are. From this point of view, America is very much like a salad bowl where individual ethnic groups blend together, yet maintain their cultural uniqueness. They may work together during the day at similar jobs and in identical companies, but at night they may return to their ethnic communities where the flavor of their individual culture dominates their way of life. This is why perhaps there is so much diversity within America. Each ethnic group has its own special interests, language, food, customs and traditions to protect and defend. This idea of the salad bowl is referred to by sociologists as cultural pluralism. It simply means that American society is a collection of many cultures living side by side within one country.

What is most closely related to the political challenges of bringing together different ethnic and cultural groups in a country?

unification of italy during the 1800s

What secret plan did Britain France and israel form?

Britain, France, and Israel acted together to maintain control of the Suez Canal.

What cultural values do you suppose television reflected during the 1950s What cultural values does televsion programming have today?

Television programming in the 1950s reflected the conservative life style of the period. All the nuclear families had a mother, father and children all living together. In most cases, the women in sitcoms did not work, or in the case of 'I Love Lucy,' were so incompetent they couldn't work. Women were portrayed in passive, supportive roles, and father always knew best. Today's programming, like the fifties, reflects the social reality of today. Many shows reflect single parents, women who work important jobs, and families who are flawed, but relatable.

How does the Declaration of Independence bring us together?

It brings us together by the freedom you get.

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What were the cultural traditions for the maori people?

Maori people have a few cultural traditions. Some of their traditions are burials are big and families come together.

How did enslaved workers maintain strong family and cultural ties?

Working together helped them maintain their ties. They made up songs, created a secret language, and exercised their faith.

What colours do silver and brown make?

Silver and brown do not combine to create a distinct new color. They each maintain their individual characteristics when placed together.

Ask us of the following is the idea that the different peoples who have come to the US have mixed together to create a new culture?

Yes, the idea that different peoples who have come to the US have mixed together to create a new culture is often described as the "melting pot" concept. This concept suggests that diverse cultural backgrounds have blended to form a shared, distinct American identity that incorporates elements from various traditions.

What is Homogenization of a culture?

Homogenization of a culture refers to the process where diverse cultural elements blend together to create a more uniform culture. This can happen through globalization, migration, or the influence of dominant cultures. It can lead to the loss of unique cultural traditions and practices.

What is cultural diversty?

It means having different elements of different cultures all together. Where there are people from many different cultures living together, you will get cultural diversity. You will see different traditions, music, dance, sports, customs etc. Often these things will mix, and people will get to experience a mix of cultures and even take elements from more than one of them. Cultural diversity is often seen in big cities where there are people from many parts of the world living together.

What is cultural socialization?

Social is an adjective. Culture is a noun.Put them together and no good can come of it.

What is the difference between culture and societies?

people living together is society. the culture helps us in maintain traditions and conventions to enhance social relations.

Why Is It Important to Preserve Family Recipes?

Preserving family recipes is important because they represent our cultural heritage, connect us to our ancestors, and keep our traditions and memories alive. These recipes contain special flavors and methods that have been passed down through generations, often using fresh, healthy ingredients. Cooking together with these recipes brings families closer and ensures that the love and care from past generations are remembered. By keeping these recipes, we honor our history and maintain our family's unique identity and traditions for future generations.

How does common culture of bind people together?

A common culture can bind people together by providing shared values, traditions, and beliefs that create a sense of belonging and unity. This shared identity fosters connections, understanding, and cooperation among individuals who identify with the same cultural practices and norms. Cultural experiences and celebrations can also strengthen social bonds and create a sense of community among people.

What does the title ethnic hash mean?

The term "ethnic hash" likely refers to a mix or blend of various ethnic or cultural elements. It can be used to describe a fusion of different cuisines, traditions, or influences that come together in a unique way.

How do samurai values and traditions influence modern Japanese society?

Their traditions and celebrations collaborate together and join forces.