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No, it excluded women, slaves, native americans, and white men who didn't own property.

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Q: When the constitution was written did the opening phrase We the people refer to all people living in America?
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What has the author Thomas A Stapleford written?

Thomas A. Stapleford has written: 'The Cost of Living in America' 'The cost of living in American political economy, 1880-2000'

Why is the US Constitution a living document?

The Constitution of the United States of America is not set in stone. It is constantly subject to subtle interpretive change by the courts and major change by the passage of amendments.

What is the oldest living constitution?

The oldest living constitution is considered to be the Constitution of the United States, written in 1787 and ratified in 1788. It has been in continuous effect for over 230 years with various amendments and interpretations.

Why is the us constitution considered a living document?

The Constitution of the United States is considered a living constitution because it can be ammended by the Supreme Court and so while it was written a long time ago it is still being changed to this day. So, because the original document is not "written in stone" and can be altered it is considered to be a "living" constitution. If this is a homework question, next time use the index or table of contents if you are unwilling to do a bit of proper reading or research, it will only take about a minute to find the answers.

Why is the Constitution written in present tense?

The use of the present tense in the Constitution cements the framers' belief that it need to be a living document. The document specifically provided guidelines for amending it.

What is the Living Constitution Theory?

Living constitution theory is a method of interpreting the Constitution that emphasizes the principles it embodies and their application to changing circumstances and needs.

Who were the first citizens in America?

All the people living in the Colonies became citizens at the same time, when the Constitution was ratified and the United States came into being.

Why do you think the flexibility of the constitution has been important to American society?

Although the founding fathers were brilliant in creating a foundation for government in America, they knew that the Constitution was far from perfect. That is why the constitution is known as a living document because as society changes (ex. abolishing of slavery) the constitution changes as well. The constitution can be amended and new clauses can be added.

What thinking interprets the Constitution represents evolutionist thinking?

The Living Constitution.

Who said the constitution is not a living organism?

Antonin Scalia, Supreme court justice. "The constitution is not a living organism, it is a legal document."

How did the new Texas constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

How did the new Texas Constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

What has the author Jason M Fields written?

Jason M. Fields has written: 'America's families and living arrangements' -- subject(s): Family, Statistics