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you should feel happier and more blessed. and you house should be protected because God is protecting it now.

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Q: When the priest comes to a house and blesses it what happens?
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How do you have a curse or spell removed from you?

A priest can usually take care of that. Like if your house is haunted, a priest comes to bless the house. So no worries-and hope I helped you!!

What happens if water got into a volcano?

the volcano comes to your house and yells at you!

Why do the doctor and priest come to visit kino house?

The doctor comes to Kino's house to treat his son, Coyotito, who has been bitten by a scorpion. The priest accompanies the doctor out of concern for the family and to offer his spiritual support during the difficult time.

When was Oscar Stanton De Priest House created?

Oscar Stanton De Priest House was created in 1920.

What is the community of priest who devote to helping alcoholic priest?

Guest House

What does bendice mean in spanish?

He blesses You bless (polite you, singular) (Lord) Bless (this house) a plea more than an imperative

What happens if if a comes to your house?

If Al comes to my house, I would welcome them in and offer hospitality. We would spend time together, engage in conversation, and possibly share a meal or activity depending on the circumstances.

What is the name of a priest's house?


Where did the priest sleep?

In a room or house made for them.

What does a priest house look like?

Actually a priest doesn't really own a house because they took the vow of poverty to become a priest, but they live usually in the rectory of the church or maybe a convent that belongs to the church

What happens to your pets on Sims 2 when everyone in that household dies?

The pet adoption agency comes to the house and takes them away.

What is the place called where a priest lives?

That would depend upon what type of priest he happens to be. If he is a secular priest he would probably live in a rectory. A rectory is a house, usually near to the Church, set aside for the clergy of that Church to live. If he is a priest of a religious order he might live in a convent or a monastery.