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The Arlington National Cemetery was completed on May 13, 1864. The Arlington National Cemetery is owned by the US Army.

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Q: When was Arlington cemetry completed?
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Is Thomas McGee buriedm in Arlington Cemetry?

Yes,he was buried on June 17

How many foreign nationals have been buried at Arlington national cemetry?

28 people

When were the first soldiers buried in Arlington cemetry?

It became a military cemetery in 1864 and on May 13, 1864, a Confederate prisoner was the first soldier buried there.

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What cemetery outside Washington DC have soldiers buried since American civil war?

Arlington National Cemetry, built on the grounds of General Lee's own home.

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The category was PRESIDENTS AT REST and the triple stumper question for $2000 wasThe first of 2 presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery? William Howard Taft was the answer for the Christmas day puzzle in 2009.

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Cemetry Gates was created in 1986.

When did the Arlington County Justice Center first open?

In 1994, the new Justice Center was completed on the east side of Courthouse Road directly across from the original 1898 Courthouse site. This two-building complex includes the Arlington Courthouse and the Arlington County Detention Center.

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