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ECPI College of Technology was founded in 1966 by Alfred Dreyfus

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Q: When was ECPI College of Technology founded?
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Who founded ECPI College of Technology?

ECPI College of Technology was founded in 1966 by Alfred Dreyfus

Who is the founder of ecpi college of technology?

Alfred Dreyfus

What state did ecpi university Start in?

ECPI University (formerly ECPI College of Technology) was established in 1966, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. ECPI was previously known as "ECPI College of Technology" but it became a university on June 1, 2011 and started offering Master's degrees in the field of Computer and Information Science.

Where did ecpi college of technology get their name?

electronic computer programming institute

Where are there offered CNA classes and how much are they in Virigina Beach, VA?

The ECPI College of Technology in Manassas can provide you the CNA education you are looking for.

ECPI College of Technology?

The ECPI College of Technology is a private university that was founded in 1966 by Alfred Dreyfus. The college is quite large and has ten different campuses including three in North Carolina, three in South Carolina, and four in Virginia. In addition to classes that can be attended on campus, the school also implements a distance learning business model and offers classes that can be taken completely online. The ECPI College of Technology has received accreditation for its degree programs from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools was founded in 1895 as an agency to grant degree accreditation to schools in the southern United States. Today, it governs the accreditation of over 13,000 schools and is recognized by the US Board of Education. The ECPI College of Technology has also received accreditation and recognition for a number of its different certification, degree, and diploma programs from organizations like the Department of Homeland Security, the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina, and the Virginia Board of Nursing. The ECPI College of Technology is broken up into four broad fields of study. The college has a school of business, a school technology, a medical careers institute, and a culinary school named the Culinary Institute of Virginia. The school offers Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in all of these schools. Popular Associate’s degrees offered include degrees in accounting, culinary arts, dental assistance, massage therapy, radiography, and web development. Popular Bachelor’s degrees offered include degrees in criminal justice, database programming, electronics engineering, food service management, homeland security, and nursing. Whether you are looking for a career in computers, engineering, fighting terrorism, or the kitchen, you are certain to find the program right for you at the ECPI College of Technology.

What is the tuition for ECPI College of Technology?

Annual College Costs ( Fall 2008 ) $10,650. Be advised, this does not include fee's, books, etc.For the source and more detailed information concerning this request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated below this answer box.I am currently in ECPI for medical assisting the cost is $21,000!!!! the criminal justice program is more than that but the don't tell youthe cost until the very end

Where can I obtain an engineering degree online?

ECPI University - ECPI University offers popular undergraduate programs in Technology, Health Science, and Criminal Justice. They offer an Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology which prepares students for installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical and electronic equipment.

Who is the president of ECPI college of technology?

The have a president at each location and none of them have an education background. In fact, most of them have business degrees. ECPI is a scam. They want your money and will leave you high and dry on education. They will lie to you and the papers you sign, that you are told are admission papers, have a clause to protect them against misrepresenting themselves. Because they lie everyday. They say their credits are transferable and that's not true. They are not accepted anywhere. Go to a community college is my advice. Then transfer to a university.

What does the college letters ecpi stand for?

The letters can stand for many things, however in terms of college, it could stand for "Equitable Classroom Practices Institute."

Is ECPI a ABET accredited school?

It depends on which campus of ECPI. ECPI in Newport News VA does have a regional accreditation as well as the campus located at Virginia Beach. Others like ECPI at Glenn Allen and Richmond VA do not.(just like any college if they have branches. the branches fall under the accreditations of the Main campus. If you do not believe this you can look at any college in your area that has more than one campus. you will see that only the main campus is listed for the accreditations.)Viper1So the answer is Yes ECPI is accredited.(edited by Eranowenn)

What black college was founded in 1872?

Paul Quinn College, founded in 1872, was the first historically black college founded west of the Mississippi River.