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In about 1833 in or near what is now Chicago.

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Q: When was Fort Dearborn built?
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Who built fort dearborn?

John Whisiler made it

Chicago built on site which American outpost?

Fort Dearborn.

What American outpost was Chicago built on?

The city of Chicago, Illinois was built on the area where Fort Dearborn once stood. The American outpost was destroyed in the Battle of Fort Dearborn during the War of 1812.

What is fort dearborn known as today?

Fort Dearborn is now known as Odiorne Point State Park. It was built in 1803 by the Chicago river in Chicago, Illinois.

What did Fort Dearborn become?

Fort Dearborn later became known as Chicago.

When did Battle of Fort Dearborn happen?

Battle of Fort Dearborn happened on 1812-08-15.

Was Fort Dearborn was founded in Indiana and gave rise to the city of Indianapolis?

Fort Dearborn was in Chicago.

What is Fort Dearborn?

It was a fort in chi-town

Name by which Fort Dearborn was later known?

Fort Dearborn was the first settlement in New Hampshire. The Fort is now known as the Odiorne Point State Park.

Which United States fort was massacred by Indians?

fort dearborn

What is the present location of Fort Dearborn?

Fort Dearborn burned to the ground but would have been located in present day Chicago, Illinois.

What fort later became Chicago Illinois?