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George Edmund Foss was born in 1863.

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Q: When was George Edmund Foss born?
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When did George Edmund Foss die?

George Edmund Foss died in 1936.

When and where was baseball player George Foss born?

George Foss was born June 13, 1897, in Register, GA, USA.

When was Edmund George Lind born?

Edmund George Lind was born in 1829.

When was Edmund George Warren born?

Edmund George Warren was born in 1834.

When was Edmund George Irving born?

Edmund George Irving was born in 1910.

When was George Edmund Byron Bettesworth born?

George Edmund Byron Bettesworth was born in 1785.

When was George Edmund Badger born?

George Edmund Badger was born on 1795-04-17.

When was Edmund William George born?

Edmund William George was born on 1908-03-14.

When was George Edmund Butler born?

George Edmund Butler was born on 1872-01-15.

When was George Edmund Street born?

George Edmund Street was born on 1824-06-20.

When and where did baseball player George Foss die?

George Foss died November 10, 1969, in Brandon, FL, USA.

When was Chris Foss born?

Chris Foss was born in 1946.