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the Victorian times from 1819 up to 1901

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Q: When was Manchester town hall built?
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What are some attractions near the Manchester Town Hall?

There are many attractions in Manchester and around the Manchester town hall. Some of the more popular attractions in Manchester are Old Trafford, Manchester Museum and Palace Theatre.

When did Manchester city council open?

Manchester, a city in England, has a rich history. While the city first appeared in 1838, the city council did not open until 1877 when the town hall was built.

How old is Leigh Town Hall?

The present Leigh Town Hall building was built in 1907.

When was the christchurch town hall built?

i think it was built in 1997 but not entirely sure

When was Munich town hall built?

dunnope by Natalie & Georgia

When was morley town hall built?

April 20th 1895

When was collingwood first town hall built?

between 1885 and 1890

What buildings were built in palmerston north in the 1870's?

the old town hall

Who designed rochdale town hall?

The architect of Rochdale Town Hall was called William Henry Crossland (1835 - 1908). The Town Hall was built in 1866-71 and is located to the south of The Esplanade and the River Roch, near to Touchstones Art Gallery.

When was the opera house Manchester built?

it was built in 1912 but it was not as theater it was bingo hall and cinema but in 1984 theater trust bought it and they make it as theater

Why did Samuel Adams have a statue built in front of the town hall?

He had one because of how he led the sons of liberty.

Where is the Cheney Hall Foundation in Manchester Connecticut located?

The address of the Cheney Hall Foundation is: , Manchester, CT 06040-5922