When was Ron Roy born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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March 18,1960

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Q: When was Ron Roy born?
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What kind of education did ron roy get?

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Did Ron Roy have a good Education?

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Who is ron roy?

Ron roy is the author of a bunch of kids books.

Does ron roy have a wife?

No he does not

Where ron roy live?


Where does ron roy live?


How many brothers have Ron Roy?


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What awards did Ron roy have?

Ron Roy is a juvenile mystery book author. He hasn't won any awards but his books sell very well.

What are the book by Ron Roy?

The Book by Ron Roy is A-Z mysteries and Capital Series. They are for second graders to fourth graders with about 80 to 90 pages.

Did Ron Roy win a Newbery Medal?

No he didn't.

What is the birth name of Ron Chevalier?

Ron Chevalier's birth name is Ronnie Roy Chevalier.