When was john j loud born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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John J. Loud was an American inventor known for designing and patenting the first rolling point writing pen. He was born on November 2, 1844 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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Q: When was john j loud born?
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When was john j loud born When did john j loud die Did john j loud go to college?

Who is John loud we all want to Who he is \, 1888

Was John J Loud a scientist?

No john loud was not a scientist but an inventer

Who is john j loud?

John J Loud patented the ballpoint pen on 30th October 1888

Who is the founder of ballpoint pen?

John j loud

Is there a website with the biography of John J Loud in it?

Yes, you can find information about John J. Loud on various websites such as Wikipedia, Britannica, or through online archives that specialize in historical figures. These sources will provide you with a detailed biography of John J. Loud, who was known for inventing the ballpoint pen.

When was John Loud born?

He was born in 1844.

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John J. McGrath was born in 1872.

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