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Alabama's current constitution addresses many issues most notably taxation. Any amendment requires a statewide vote to be written into or taken out of the lengthy constitution.

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The Constitution was written between May and September of 1787

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IN 1967

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Q: When was our current constitution written?
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When was the current constitution written for Louisiana?

the current constitution was written for Louisiana in 1974, but went into effect in January 1975

When was Texas Constitution written?

we have had many constitutions in the past but the current constitution was written in 1876

The current Texas constitution was written in?

Most of the current powers of the president are?

not written in the constitution

Most of the current powers of the President are .?

not written in the constitution

When was Michigans constitution written?

Michigan's current constitution was enacted in 1963. The original statehood constitution was enacted in 1837.

What date was the current Illinois constitution written on?

Summer 1818

What year was the Indiana Constitution written?

The convention to produce the current Indiana Constitution began in 1850, but the Constitution was completed in 1851.

What makes 1917 so important in Mexico?

It was when the current constitution was written.

When was the current Missouri Constitution adopted?

Texas wrote its first constitution in 1836, but its current constitution has been in place since February 15, 1876. The Texas Bill of Rights is contained in Article 1 of its current constitution.

When did the Missouri Constitution go into effect?

The first Missouri Constitution was written in 1820 and went into effect that same year. The current Missouri Constitution was adopted and went into effect in 1945.

Who wrote the Iraqi constitution?

The current Iraqi Constitution, which was approved by Iraqi referendum in 2005 was written by the Iraqi Constitution Drafting Committee. A list of the members of that committee can be found at the link below.