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November 5th, 1863

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Q: When was pendleton murrah elected the governor of Texas?
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Who was elected governor of Texas in 1991?

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Who was the Governor of Texas during the US Civil War?

Edward Clark (March 1861 - November 1861)Francis R. Lubbock (November 1861 - November 1863)Pendleton Murrah (November 1863 - June 1865)Lt. Gov. Edward Clark took over the governorship when Governor (and former Texas President) Sam Houston refused to swear his allegiance to the Confederate States of America.Gov. Murrah fled Austin in June 1865 as it fell to Union forces. He was replaced by Lt. Gov. Fletcher Summerfield Stockdale as Interim Military Governor followed six days later by Andrew J. Hamilton as Provincial Military Governor.

Who are Texas' elected officials?

A listing of elected officials in Texas from the city to the governor's office can be found online at There is also a published book called the Texas State Directory

Who was elected governor of two different states?

Sam Houston -- First Governor of Tennessee, then President of Texas, then Governor of Texas

Who was the first elected governor of Texas as a part of the confederate states of America?

The first elected confederate governor of tecas

Which president was elected twice as governor of Texas?

President George W. Bush is the US president that was twice elected the governor of Texas. He served as governor from January 17, 1995 to December 21, 2000.

How many terms has the current T exas governor been elected for?

how many terms has the current texas governor been elected for?

Who was the first governar in Texas?

James Pickney Hinderson was the first elected governor of Texas

When did Sam Houston get elected to be Governor of Tennessee and Texas?

He became the 8th Governor of Tennessee in 1827 and the 7th Governor of Texas in 1859.

How many minorities have been elected to the office of governor of Texas?


When was the first governor of Texas elected?

James Pinckney Henderson was the first governor of Texas after it became a state in 1846. He was elected in November, 1845 and served from February 19, 1846 to December 21, 1847.

What years are statewide offices in Texas such as the governor and lieutenant governor elected?

nonpresidential, or off-year, election years