When was randi altschul?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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when was randi altschul born?

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Q: When was randi altschul?
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How old is Randi Altschul?

As of August 2014, Randi Altschul is 54 years of age. Randi Altschul is an American toy inventor and is the inventor of the first disposable cellphone.

Who are randice-Lisa altschul's parents?

No, information is known about Randi Altschul's family. Randi Altschul is an American inventor, she invented the first disposable cell phone.

What is a biography of Randi altschul?


Where was Randi altschul born?


What year did Randi Altschul invent disposable cell phone?

The first "Disposable" cell phone was made in 1959 by Randi Altschul.

What is the birth date of randi altschul?

Randi Altschul is an American toy and game inventor. She is the inventor of disposable mobile phone. She was born on October 30, 1961.

Who invented disosable cell phone?

Randi Altschul.

What was Randi Altschul life like?

When was Randice lisa alshul born and when

What is Randi Altschuls' birthday?

Randi Altschul was born in 1960. She is most known for inventing the first disposable cell phone. Randi also invents toys.

What is the biography of Randi Altschul?

Randi Altschul is a businesswoman and entrepreneur known for founding Popcorn Indiana, a snack food company. She has a background in marketing and product development, and she has been successful in building and growing her business. Altschul is also involved in philanthropy and community service.

What did Randi Altschul invent?

She invented the world's first disposable cell phone!

Is randi altschul married?

Yes, she is. I got this answer off of google, and i hope that it is correct, because I put it in my school project. :/