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in 1929
It is true

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Q: When was the Louis Braille system invented?
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Who invented the Braille system?

when louis Braille was a kid he accidentally stabed his eye out

When was the Lewis Braille system invented?

Louis Braille in 1834

Did Louis Braille have anything named after him?

He invented the braille writing system, and that is named 'Braille' after him.

What was the invented by Louis Braille?

Louis Braille invented the Braille System in 1824. It enabled the blind people to read just by feeling some holes.

Who came up with braille?

Louis Braille created Braille, a development of a military system for reading by touch, in the dark.

What was Louis Braille famous for?

He invented a system of reading and writing for the blind called braille.

Who invented a system of reading for the visually impaired?

Louis Braille

Why is Louis braille important?

Louis Braille invented a system of raised dots on paper that lets blind people read.

Who invented braille painting?

Louis Braille invented the Braille painting.

When was the braille invented?

Louis braille invented it in 1825

Which french boy invented a system of reading for the blind?

Louis Braille

What is the writing system for the blind?

Louis Braille first invented the reading system for the blind in 1829 that was later named "Braille".To read more about Louis Braille louis-braille