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The Scottish flag is known as the Sattire and St. Andrew's Cross. This flag was first used in the 16th Century.

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Q: When was the Scottish flag first used?
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When was the current Scottish flag first used?

The Scottish flag was first used when it was finally hoisted up in 1512 it is believed to be one of the oldest flags in the world it is still in use today

When was the Union Jack first used?

The union jack is made up out of the English flag, the Scottish flag and the welsh flag. It looks just like the Scottish and English flag but it isnt. The flag came to be when Wales England and Scotland made a truce.

What were the first three flag arrangements?

they were scottish, irish, and wales

What saint does the Scottish flag represent?

The Scottish flag is the Cross of St Andrew.

When the british flag first used?

when was the british flag first used

Where was the Philippine flag first used?

inkawit avite the first flag were used

Does the Scottish flag have dark blue or light blue?

Both. If you look at the Union Flag the blue background which is the Scottish flag is dark blue. You also sometimes see the Scottish flag on its own with both a dark and light blue background. Personally, i prefer the light blue flag.

What was the union flag design as?

A combination of the Scottish, English and the northern Irish flag!

What was the British flag?

An amalgamation of of the English and Scottish flags, with the Saint Patrick's cross used to represent Northern Ireland.

What country's flag has a lion?

Historically by the county of Holland. It is currently used by the province South Holland in The Netherlands.The Royal Scottish banner is similar, except that the lion rampant is blue tongued abd clawed; and is surrounded by a double red border with French lillies.

When was the Canadian flag first used?

The current Canadian flag began to get used after February 15, 1965.

How did the Scottish influence the American culture?

Drinking whiskey came from Scottish culture and also bag pipes were first used in Scottish before they were used for parades and other things in America