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the constitution was first made in 1718

there were things in the constitution that federalists wanted like more power.anti federalists wanted individuals to have equal rights

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Q: When was the constitution first made?
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What are the Articles of Confedaration?

it established the first national government of the united states. Its also like the Constitution, but it was the first "Constitution" made. It is in the Constitution. It was made during the civil war to be the first rules.

When was your first constitution made?


Where in the US was the first Constitution made?

In NH.

What do you call change made to your national constitution?

An amendment. For example, the first Amendment to the Constitution covers Freedom of Speech.

Did Illinois has had four constitutions?

Illinois had four constitution's. The first in 1818, second, in 1848, third constitution was made in 1869 and the last constitution was made and finalized in 1970

What made up the first ten admendments to the Constitution?

The first 10 are the Bill of Rights.

What came first The Federalist Papers or The Constitution?

The Federalists Papers were made to help spread approval for the Constitution. While the Constitution was written first, the Papers were publihsed before the Constituion was ratified.

Who was the first US Constitution the made the weak federation of states?


Who made the first attempt by Americans to adopt a constitution?

articles of confedertion...

How many sections are there in the bill of rights in the US Constitution?

The bill of rights is made up of the first 10 amendments to the constitution

What is The Bill of Rights made up of?

The first ten amendments to the Constitution--NovaNET:p

Did the constitution give us freedom of speech?

No..first they made the constitution..then later the declaration of independence and in it, was the bill of rights which included freedom of speech..