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1992... the 27th amendment was added to the constitution limiting congressional pay.

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Q: When was the last time the Constitution was Changed?
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How many time has the Constitution been changed?

the constitution has been changed 10 times.

Why has it been necessary to make changed in the constitution by methods in addition to formal amendment?

The framers of the Constitution knew that it would have to be changed in time.

The number of amendments in the constitution?

There are 27 amendments to the constitution. The last one passed in 1971 when the right to vote was changed from 21 to 18.

What is the difference between the Constitution of India and South Africa?

constitution of India is not changed .while the constitution of South Africa has changed.

What is called when the constitution is changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

What is rigid and flexible constitution?

rigid constitution are those constitution that can not be changed why FLEXIBLE constitution are constitution that can be changed through a process of amendment

Has the constitution been changed in the past 50 years?

Nope! The last Amendment was on Apr 19, 1939.

How would you have changed the constitution in 1787?

i would have not changed the constitution in 1787.

What methods can the constitution be changed?

The U.S. Constitution can only be changed by Amendment.

What is it called when the constitution changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

How has the power of the bureaucracy changed over the last 200 years?

The power of the bureaucracy has changed in the last 200 years in that it has increased and become more powerful. Some of these changes have come about through amendments to the Constitution.

Did the constitution change all the time?

Yes, it has changed through the addition of 17 amendments.